Parent Resources

The Georgia Student Growth Model (GSGM)! Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) describe the amount of growth a student has demonstrated, relative to other students across Georgia with the same achievement history. This tool provides school- and district-level SGP results. More information about the GSGM can be found at

Education – For Parents

What is my child learning at school? What do these test results mean?   Is my child on track for graduation?   Use the resources listed below to help you understand Georgia’s educational system, and how you can help your child achieve in school.

Common Core Video Series

Educators, Administrators Break Down Common Core Standards for Parents National PTA recently released a Common Core video series to educate parents on the standards and empower them to support the transition at school and home.

Arts in Education

Over the years, evidence for the educational value of the arts has grown steadily. High school students, for example, who study at least one of the arts – theater, visual arts, dance, or music – score about 40 points higher on the verbal and math sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) than other students. Some schools use Arts methods to assess students’ academic performance and determine the level of achievement beyond standard.

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