Exceptional Children's Week

Congratulations to our ECW Art Competition winners!

First Place 6th grade Stephanie Pachano
Second Place 7th grade Ashley McMath
Third Place 8th grade Quin Tindle

Join us as we celebrate Exceptional Children's Week!

PTSA is excited about bringing awareness, teaching tolerance and acceptance of others who may be different from ourselves.

Thank you to those who purchased a T-Shirt in support of Exceptional Children's Week!  The t-shirts are in and available to pick at at the Wildcats School Store.  The store is open M-F from 8-9am

MCMS PTSA is proud to announce that we have donated "Side Tracked" by Diana Harmon Asher to the MCMS Media Center.  The book will be on display during ECW.

SPED Teachers, para-professionals, support staff and students who are serviced by an IEP are invited to join us for juice and donuts on Monday, March 4th from 8-9am in room 2119.

SPED Teachers, para-professionals and support staff will receive a special gift designed by Stephanie Pachano for ECW.  This drink coaster was made by Southern Merle, a local artisan.  

Every MCMS student will receive a pre-sharpened pencil with eraser cap with a message to "Erase Bullying".  It is our way to remind everyone to accept those who may be different from ourselves.  

SPED Teachers, para-professionals, and support staff are invited to join us for an ice cream bar on Thursday, March 7th during their regular lunch period.  SPED students will be serving. Thank you to parents who so generously donated.

Friends Club are made up of select students who work with our self-contained students with special needs.  It takes a very special kind of person to give so much of themselve as these young people do.  PTSA is proud to honor these very special individuals.

Our Physical Education coaches will be using modified exercises to teach our children empathy for those suffering from physical limitations.  PTSA is exceedingly proud of our creative PE coaches!