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2017 National PTA Federal Public Policy Agenda



Legislative Checklist for the 115th Congress

Download: National PTA Legislative Checklist

The National PTA’s Legislative Checklist for the 115th Congress outlines the policy priorities National PTA and its constituent associations believe are critical to ensuring all children reach their highest potential. The checklist features the following policy areas:

  • Elementary and Secondary Education

  • Special Education

  • Federal Investments in Education

  • Early Learning and Childhood Education

  • Child Health and Safety

  • Gun Safety and Violence Prevention

  • Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

  • Education Technology and Student Data Privacy

  • Postsecondary Access and Opportunity

PTA Advocacy Changes Lives

Download: National PTA Guide to Impacting Public Policy

Politics is always personal. After all, what could be more personal than creating a better future for your children? As we look to the future, we honor the legacies of PTA founders Phoebe Apperson Hearst, Alice McLellan Birney and Selena Sloan Butler by sharing the stories of present-day mothers, fathers and families who are changing the lives of children each and every day.

In celebration of National PTA’s 120th anniversary, this publication features the issues, stories and impact PTA advocates have had over our long history. 

Why PTA Advocacy Matters

An extension of PTA Advocacy Changes Lives, the “Why PTA Advocacy Matters” series on the Our Children Magazine showcases the personal stories of PTA members who are changing lives across the country through their advocacy efforts.

Policy Issue Briefs

Want to advocate for the children in your community, but not sure where to start? National PTA has prepared policy issue briefs to help educate PTA members about existing laws and their impact on PTA legislative priorities. Policy issue briefs are currently available in the areas of Family Engagement, Special Education, Child Health and Nutrition and Juvenile Justice.


Both the Senate and the House, approved amendments to the FY' 17 budget this week. Amendments include:

  • the new reading and math assessment remains under the Department of Education rather than GPTV.  

  • $2 million funding cut  for the special needs voucher

  • $5 million for the CTAE equipment grants for new schools.  

Georgia Legislative Update

The House also passed the FY '18 budget. It has been sent to the Senate for passage.

Bill passed in the Senate:

SR 95, a Constitutional amendment to make a change in the e-SPLOST call for a referendum and distribution of funds

SB 3, the CONNECT Act, 52-0.  It now moves to the House.

Bills passed in the House:

HB 198, providing information on the flu vaccine


HB 338, "Plan B" to OSD, the plan for addressing the lowest performing schools received a hearing last Friday. Chairman Brooks Coleman expects the vote to happen sometime this week.

SB 139, creating a pathway program in leadership, was held for further discussion with the Department of Education and others.  

SB 152, limiting the time in alternative schools

SB 181, income tax credits for public schools, is based on the same idea as the income tax credits for donations to student scholarship organizations only the donations are to public schools.  This bill also received only for a hearing.

HB 77, on the provision of mental health training materials.  

HB 217, which would raise the income tax credit from $58 million to $180 million for donations to student scholarship organizations.

HB 224, would allow a student of a military family who lives on base or off-base in military housing to choose to attend any public school in the school district

On the Move:

HB 114, relating to the naming of valedictorians and salutatorians, passed the House Education Subcommittee with the amended requirement that students have to take at least one class at the high school during grades 9-12.  The amended bill now goes to the full Committee.